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RAS matazz

Earlier on this year I was reflecting on how 25 years could have passed since my frontline time on a British aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy. From the eastern seaboard of North America, to Operation Desert Storm & the fjords of Scandinavia I had a fantastic time in an incredible team environment. Even though my job was as a weapons tech on the Sea Harrier jets, I was always impressed how we successfully completed Replenishment at Sea (RASing). During these operations we would take onboard fuel, parts, equipment, food, & most importantly mail. In a time before texts & emails this was your only contact with friends & family.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.09.32 AM

How we brought together an aircraft carrier & a logistics vessel in the middle of the Atlantic on a given day, at a given time was quite impressive. While this happened the 2 ships were less than 100ft apart & connected by lines & fuel hoses. Just seconds separated success and failure. Consummate professionalism & courage were needed by all involved to see the task successfully completed.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11.09.40 AM

Now as a logistics professional I have a renewed respect for the planning, preparation & communication that would have been needed weeks in advance to successfully execute these operations. At Trinet our team strives to apply the same levels of expertise in each of our divisions. We appreciate that each of our clients’ shipments are as important as that letter from a loved one 1000 miles from home in the middle of the Atlantic.

As winter’s icy grip finally lets go here in the great white north, it won’t be long until we can again set sail on the waters of the St Lawrence Seaway and enjoy the warmth of summer.

Nick Duncan

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Public Vs Privé …

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Qu’est-ce qui différencie un service de santé public vs un service de santé privé? La réponse est très simple… Le service. Tout le monde est au courant qu’au public les lignes d’attentes sont infernales et que nous sommes un simple numéro. Cependant, en allant au privé, nous avons la chance de voir un intervenant plus rapidement et, ce dernier, prend le temps de comprendre ce qui ne va pas afin de nous prescrire la bonne médication.

Il s’agit du même principe chez Trinet Transportation! Les clients sont beaucoup plus qu’un simple numéro. En effet, nous avons compris que c’est grâce à eux et à leurs fidélités que nous sommes encore ici aujourd’hui. Chez Trinet, notre mandat est d’offrir à notre clientèle un service hors de l’ordinaire. Si nous sommes en mesure de vous éviter des maux de tête face à la logistique de vos transports, par conséquent nous avons atteint notre objectif! De plus, tous comme les services de santé privé, nous sommes là pour écouter vos besoins et vous offrir une solution qui fait du sens pour vous. C’est simple, votre logistique nous tient à cœur! Si en travaillant étroitement avec un courtier en transport tel que Trinet vous permet d’accroitre votre compagnie en y investissant 100% de votre temps, ne croyez-vous pas qu’il serait le temps de nous contacter? ☺

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Supply Chain is Changing



I have noticed over the last couple of years a significant change in shipping.  Express shipments are on the rise.  LTL went through this same rise a couple of years ago (and still is) as we have seen with capacity issues in North America.

I’m seeing this same trend with express with more and more of a demand on small packages.  Where logistics professionals would analyse and dissect every quote and invoice for their international spend for example, the same is happening with small packages.

I was asked once about the competition in Montreal with the many “Big players”, freight forwarders and simple “re-sellers”.  Why service an industry with so many options?  For me, the answer is simple.  There is a need.  More people ship small packages than they do full containers from China.  Granted, the value of the shipments are very different,  but the number of small packages and envelopes that need to be shipped on a daily basis is actually more of a “problem” than the 1 container being moved every month from overseas.  The impact on labour costs is more with small packages than it is with any other type of service.

I would rather ship 1 truckload than 15 packages but the reality is every single day small, medium or large businesses are handling small packages more than trucking, more than rail, more than air freight and more than ocean containers.

Our job at Trinet is to make that part of your business easier.

Our customers need to ship out their packages.  That 1$ sample and the $5000.00 piece of equipment need almost the same amount of attention.  They are shopping for rates with multiple carriers, they are scheduling pick-ups and they are creating waybills…regardless of the value.

We’re eliminating the mundane but sometimes necessary tasks of logging in to multiple sites, calling multiple carriers for status updates and sifting through multiple invoices that you receive on a weekly basis.

Our goal is to relieve you of that burden so you can concentrate on growing your business.  The longer you spend processing that envelope to Toronto, the less time you have to schedule your air shipment from Europe which has more of an impact on your bottom line.

Everyone can save you money, but how many will help you create time?

Call us today to find out more at 514.685.7513 or email

Michael Masella

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Rod 2


I finally attended the hunting and fishing show this weekend for the first time. I don’t hunt but I do get out to fish a few times a year with friends. I told my wife that if all goes well I may bring back a brand new, shiny fishing rod.

After making my way through the crossbows and high powered rifles I found myself in what seemed to be fishing rod nation, thousands of different poles and just as many salespeople. My goal was to find a cool looking rod that I could be proud of when fishing off the dock somewhere, anywhere. I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

As I walked towards a few displays a staff member asked me if he could help me with anything – I said “ just looking for a rod” then he said, what kind of fish do you fish for- “whatever one hits my hook” I answered. Haha, wrong answer… He began to explain that there are different rods depending on what king of fish you want to catch (I have never really been picky) there are different rods for the waters you fish, you need to know what season you do most of your fishing to maximize the rods efficiency? Do you fish before the sun rises or as it sets? Fly fishing, trolling, deep sea fishing and it went on and on and on. The one thing all these questions had in common was that I had the answers to none of them. I had no idea finding a pole could be that complicated – its just a pole for crying out loud.

It got me thinking about logistics and how a lot of businesses think that its just about “finding trucks for crying out loud” but the more a business understands what their logistics challenges are and what they what to accomplish when it comes to their supply chain and the more answers they have about their specific situation the better the chance of them getting the right “fishing pole”.

Needless to say I did not buy a rod, but I did come home with a brand new fishing pole case and a box full of all different sorts of lures and fake bait. I figure I will use reverse logistics and test all the lures to figure out what type of fisherman I am- then buy the perfect fishing rod. Or maybe I will ask for some help…


Warren McCaffrey

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Trinet BBQ

Our first BBQ at our new office was a success.  Food and weather were both great.

Congrats to Gaetana on winning the Employee of the Month as voted by her co-workers.






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