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Earlier on this year I was reflecting on how 25 years could have passed since my frontline time on a British aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy. From the eastern seaboard of North America, to Operation Desert Storm & the fjords of Scandinavia I had a fantastic time in an incredible team environment. Even though my job was as a weapons tech on the Sea Harrier jets, I was always impressed how we successfully completed Replenishment at Sea (RASing). During these operations we would take onboard fuel, parts, equipment, food, & most importantly mail. In a time before texts & emails this was your only contact with friends & family.

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How we brought together an aircraft carrier & a logistics vessel in the middle of the Atlantic on a given day, at a given time was quite impressive. While this happened the 2 ships were less than 100ft apart & connected by lines & fuel hoses. Just seconds separated success and failure. Consummate professionalism & courage were needed by all involved to see the task successfully completed.

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Now as a logistics professional I have a renewed respect for the planning, preparation & communication that would have been needed weeks in advance to successfully execute these operations. At Trinet our team strives to apply the same levels of expertise in each of our divisions. We appreciate that each of our clients’ shipments are as important as that letter from a loved one 1000 miles from home in the middle of the Atlantic.

As winter’s icy grip finally lets go here in the great white north, it won’t be long until we can again set sail on the waters of the St Lawrence Seaway and enjoy the warmth of summer.

Nick Duncan

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