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I finally attended the hunting and fishing show this weekend for the first time. I don’t hunt but I do get out to fish a few times a year with friends. I told my wife that if all goes well I may bring back a brand new, shiny fishing rod.

After making my way through the crossbows and high powered rifles I found myself in what seemed to be fishing rod nation, thousands of different poles and just as many salespeople. My goal was to find a cool looking rod that I could be proud of when fishing off the dock somewhere, anywhere. I was not prepared for what was about to happen.

As I walked towards a few displays a staff member asked me if he could help me with anything – I said “ just looking for a rod” then he said, what kind of fish do you fish for- “whatever one hits my hook” I answered. Haha, wrong answer… He began to explain that there are different rods depending on what king of fish you want to catch (I have never really been picky) there are different rods for the waters you fish, you need to know what season you do most of your fishing to maximize the rods efficiency? Do you fish before the sun rises or as it sets? Fly fishing, trolling, deep sea fishing and it went on and on and on. The one thing all these questions had in common was that I had the answers to none of them. I had no idea finding a pole could be that complicated – its just a pole for crying out loud.

It got me thinking about logistics and how a lot of businesses think that its just about “finding trucks for crying out loud” but the more a business understands what their logistics challenges are and what they what to accomplish when it comes to their supply chain and the more answers they have about their specific situation the better the chance of them getting the right “fishing pole”.

Needless to say I did not buy a rod, but I did come home with a brand new fishing pole case and a box full of all different sorts of lures and fake bait. I figure I will use reverse logistics and test all the lures to figure out what type of fisherman I am- then buy the perfect fishing rod. Or maybe I will ask for some help…


Warren McCaffrey

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